Modeling Tips

#1 - What is the best glue to use with photo-etch parts?
Most people use super glue. It comes in various viscosities. The thin super glue will flow around the part, while the gel-type super glue will be thicker. The gel-type comes in handy when you are trying to position a part or a combination of parts. With either type, once the part is in position, a touch of accelerator will fix it in place. You can also use white glue or it’s tackier counterpart (Sig Super-Weld - sold here). It is tacky, dries fairly fast and has flexibility, making it a little less likely that you will knock the part off if it gets bumped.

#2 - How do you make tarps for armor vehicles?
A1 – One way is to cut a small piece of thin aluminum foil to the size you want. Gently crumple the piece to make it look realistic as if it was wrinkled. Apply a light coat of olive drab, let that dry, then dry-brush with brown or a lightened olive drab. You can then form the foil to the shape you want.
A2 - Another way is to use pieces of tissue, glue tarp shapes with white glue, then paint with olive drab. You can also fold the tissue and paint inside and out. As the paint dries, the tissue holds its shape. Fold the tissue into the tarp shape and size you need while painting. Bed rolls and blankets can also be made this way, when they dry, they are ready to install on your armor or diorama.