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My first trip to G&G was in the very early '50s. I had just entered the Lionel years and would soon depart. I went on a trip to Europe with my folks in 1956 and came home with an HO Marklin...three rail steam loco and some cars and a very small oval of track (having been assured by my Dad and the German shopkeeper that my Lionel transformer would work). It did and then I started noticing the neat HO world laid out at G & G.

I was already a nut on the subject of passenger trains and Mr. Morrison had some HO Pennsylvania RR maroon cars, which I saved for and purchased. Problem was, they wouldn't run on my Marklin oval (which was necessary to run the Marklin engine) because of a very slight gauge difference between the cars and track. That's when Mr. Morrison and Gus began my education.

When I went off to SMU in 1959 - Mr. Morrison wrote me a note introducing me to Mr. and Mrs. Hall who had a hobby shop in Dallas. It wasn't long until that store became "Bobbye Hall's Hobby Shop", later in life, my wife and I became partners with Bobbye and Hallmark Models then partnered with some close friends and did Eagle Imports and eventually the Eagle Collection of Overland Models and then started consulting with Precision Scale and Union Terminal Imports and am still at it. All this because of G & G and the kindness of Mr. Morrison, Gus Freitag and now his daughter Diane and his grandson Keith. A wonderful family, a wonderful tradition and a grand hobby.

PS: When I was on the faculty of the UT medical school in Houston, I'd bring my sons into G & G and Marcus is bringing one our grandsons in to G & G today!
Jon (09/14)

G & G Model Shop is a wonderful place. Not because it is in a central location, because I live in Cypress, so I can not go often. Not because of nostalgia because it was the first hobby store I shopped at as an early train enthusiast in the 1960s (AD). Not because of the very limited parking in the busy Rice Village area. Not because they do not discount or do absurd sales gimmicks. None of those things deter me from doing shopping there.

I have been in every gauge, save Z, and been in many shops in many places. I am into N scale and have all my O gauge stuff in storage, due to space. No doubt that I am a pest to Keith at G & G. He tolerates me very well, and gives me solid advice and information as to products and trends. He goes the extra mile in service, and I am not a big spender. He has made my enjoyment of the hobby at an all time acme of fun. SERVICE. This is a commodity one can not put a price on. It is rare and priceless. Keith is the ideal retailers should have, but do not.

You get what you pay for in product at G & G. They are in business to stay and not "Fly-By-Night" operators. They are friendly, very nice, honest, helpful, and have just about everything in stock. Keith does mail orders for me, and never gets anything wrong. There are some hobby shops which promise all sorts of things at all sorts of prices, but, sadly, do not deliver.

So, if you want great service, excellent products, enlightenment, and a friendly atmosphere, G & G Model Shop is the place to go.
William (04/13)

How could G & G fail? Back in the early sixties, they were the destination of 90% of my paper route earnings. (That's no joke!) I'll be retiring soon. If it wasn't for my level headed wife, G & G would probably be getting 90% of my upcoming pension and SS earnings. No need for a GPS; I know where you guys are. See you again soon.
Gene (08/12)

Remember the "Good Old Days," when your favorite model shop was a small family owned business, with a large selection of models and supplies, and when you walked in you were greeted with "Howdy" and a smile? Well, the good old days are still here, and they can be found at G & G Model Shop in the Rice Village! I'll never forget, years ago, when I made the switch from O-Gauge Tinplate to HO scale. Gus spent time with me, helping me select a beautiful brass switch engine. He painted it in the colors I chose, and put my road name letter on it: "GC & W" for "Goose Creek and Western." The engine number is my birthday, 1223. Since I retired I don't make the trip from Baytown very often, but I still like to stop by when I can, to say "Hi" and see what's new in the model world.
Steve (07/12)

I am so glad to see in Houston that an old store has survived and that I can share it with my son. When I was growing up in the neighborhood where Lakewood church is now, all the kids knew about and went to G&G's. My best friend Jeff and I would ride our bicycles to G&G, and would either look or buy Aurora HO cars, or plastic models if we made enough money. The staff was always helpful and friendly. My mom and Dad probably spent too much money there on plastic models.

Now that I have my own son I still go into the shop and look, reliving my early youth through my son. It is nice to see his eyes light up just like I did with my father. The staff is still as friendly and helpful now as it was then.

If you get a chance and want to go into the shop, it has stayed the same even though Houston has not. Go in, look around and visit. You will be glad you did.
Leonard (07/12)

I personally rode my bike from the Houston Heights as teenager to G & G Model to buy "O" Ga track and assessories for my Lionel Trains. It was very exciting for me then and I now have a four year old Grandboy (Dylan) whom loves the trains like his PAPA does. I was born in the old St. Joesph Hospital in downtown Houston in 1939. PaPa and Dylan will be in this week to help my him pick out whatever he wants.


PaPa (Bobby) My three Grand children, Two boy's Dylan four and Zachary sixteen yrs old and girl 19 mo.old (Kate) little sister to Dylan
Bobby (07/12)

We love your store for model trains, architectural stuff, mini stuff, old magazines, model stuff etc. It's such a cool store!!! For the whole family and their fun projects. :)
Richardson Family (11/11)

I first started shopping at G&G when the shop was on Isabella Street, off Almeda Rd. I got there on my bike. I don't remember the year, but somewhere in my railroad "junk" is an un-used gift certificate from G&G for $10 that my mom got for me in around 1957. Back in those days it could have gotten me a bag full of stuff. Now it will probably buy me a magazine or two! Keep up the good work guys.
Dennis (02/11)

Just a comment, I grew up in Houston and G&G was my favorite hobby shop for years. In 1954 or 55 I moved to Houston with my family and G&G was one of the first places I discovered. Mr. & Mrs. Morrison where the owners then and Gus Freitag was the primary Model Train guy. When we started our teenage model railroad club, The Redskin Railroaders out of Lamar High School in the late 50's, G&G was one of our sponsors and really helped a lot. I am almost 70 now, living in Jefferson, Texas and still railroading. All of my fellow model railroaders in this part of the country have stories about their association with G&G. I bought my first brass loco in there in 1957 or 8. It was a Tenshodo Atlantic, I still have it. Keep on trackin' and thanks for all the great memories of a great hobby shop.
Norman (02/11)

A++ This place is old-school. Gus is great and really know the business. Family owned and operated.
David (12/09)

G&G Model Shop has been there a long time and for good reason. They are nice, friendly, and helpful. Only problem is almost no parking but that is the Rice Village area. It's worth the effort.
Tomand (11/07)

Best Model Shop in Houston. G & G has been here since 1954. I bought my first plastic kit there that year. Since then, G & G has been a landmark in a city that quickly forgets its past. The shop carries the best stock of plastic models, HO railroads and architectural supplies in Houston.
Ed (06/07)

It's such a cliche, but it really is like going back in time. My husband used to play with Lionel trains as a kid, and his grandfather has set up an elaborate staging area in his basement. I also love G and G's kits for making dioramas with. The prices are not particularly cheap, but the quality of the selection - as well as the warm welcome by the staff - are worth it.
P.J. (04/06)

I have to drag my husband out of this place! We really could just look for hours at all of the wonderful things they have! I was actually looking for a painting kit my husband wanted, and I could not find it anywhere. I finally called beforehand, and they had it! I was shocked! It's a great place, with warm people. I recommend of course!
Dawn (11/05)

I love this place - when you walk in you feel like you are going back in time. Family owned and operated, their prices are reasonable and the service is stellar. In this case, their old-fashioned sales system works, and they are always understanding about returns and exchanges. I'd rather support this small, well-run business than any large chain...
Kate (07/05)